I think everyone knows what a traumatic year Allan had in 1999 and how he managed to cope admirably with the serious illness of his wife and yet still manage to complete two tours of the United Kingdom, only missing out on three shows early in the Spring Tour.

Allan's decision to retire, not just from The Hollies but from music altogether, has to be respected after such a long, successful and distinguished career in a very intensive and often intrusive music industry.

I would like to send my very best wishes to Allan for a very long, healthy, happy and above all, deserved retirement.

He has given enormous pleasure and joy to so many countless people over the years and for me personally, I will cherish not only the sound of his distinctive voice as I continue to listen to his records, but also the wonderful memories I have of being in his company.


Allan  Clarke retires from The Hollies  -  1st February 2000

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