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1) Say It Ain't So Jo (Murray Head)
Universal/Island Music Ltd
Produced by Ron Richards.
Another recording from '5317704' and the second (the other being 'When I'm Yours') from singer / songwriter Murray Head. This was the title track from his 1975 album on Island Records.

2) Sanctuary (Gary Benson)
Forever Music Ltd
Produced by Ron Richards.
A track from the '5317704' sessions. Written by Gary Benson it remained unreleased until the 1988 album 'Rarities'.

3) Soldier's Song (Mike Batt)
Belfrey Productions
Produced by Mike Batt.

4) Can't Lie No More (Mike Batt) (Previously unreleased)
Sony Music Publishing Ltd
Produced by Mike Batt.

5) If The Lights Go Out (Mike Batt) (1st version)
Belfrey Productions
Produced by Mike Batt.
Three songs written and produced by Mike Batt. Soldier's Song was a minor UK hit for the band. 'Can't Lie No More' is released for the first time. Both these songs appeared on the 1988 Mike Batt album 'Songs Of Love and War' with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.
If the Lights Go Out was later re-recorded for the 'What Goes Around' album when the band recorded again with Graham Nash.

6) Heartbeat (Montgomery/Norman Petty)
Peermusic (UK) Ltd
Produced by The Hollies.

7) What To Do (Buddy Holly)
Produced by The Hollies
Two tracks from the 'Buddy Holly' album.

8) Carrie (Robert Marshall/John Miles)
Orange Songs Ltd
Produced by John Miles.
A rare track from 1981 co-written and produced by John Miles. It first appeared on the 'B' side of the UK No 1 (reissue) of 'He Ain't Heavy' in 1988 and also also on the 'Rarities' collection of the same year.

9) Take My Love and Run (Brian Chatton/Barry Black)
Universal/Dick James Music/Orange Songs Ltd
Produced by The Hollies.
First appearing as a single in 1981, this is another track which was subsequently re-recorded for the 'What Goes Around' album.

10) Let Her Go Down (Peter Knight)
Peermusic (UK) Ltd
Produced by The Hollies.
This very rare recording from the 'What Goes Around' sessions appeared only in New Zealand on the 'B' side of the 'Stop In The Name Of Love' single. Written by Peter Knight of Steeleye Span, after his experience of being caught by a sudden change in the weather in the English Channel while fishing. It appeared on the Steeleye Span album 'Sails Of Silver'.

11) Laughter Turns To Tears (Billy Bremner/Will Birch)
Plangent Visions Music Ltd
Produced by Will Birch.
This first appeared on the 12" version of the single 'Too Many Hearts Get Broken'.

12) Too Many Hearts Get Broken (Allan Clarke/Mick Leeson/Peter Vale)
Chappell Music Ltd/Timtobe Music/C & D Music/Arlon Music
Produced by The Hollies and Leeson & Vale.
A single 'A' side from 1985.

13) This Is It (Maldwyn Pope)
Copyright Control
Produced by Graham Sacher.
A single 'A' side from January 1987.

14) Reunion of the Heart (Maldwyn Pope)
Patch Music Ltd/Southern Famous Music Corp
Produced by Graham Sacher.
A single 'A' side from March 1987.

15) Stand By Me (Gebauer/Fritz/Hendrik/Fritz/Brinckmann)
A La Carte Music
Produced by Gebauer, Fritz & Brinckmann.

16) Shine Silently (Nils Lofgren/Wagner)
Rondor Music (London) Ltd
Produced by Hendrik & Hartmann.
Both of these tracks were released as singles in Germany in 1988.

17) Find Me A Family (Allan Clarke/Gary Benson)
Timtobe Music Ltd/Forever Music Ltd
Produced by The Hollies.
Recorded as the theme music for a programme on the ITV network dedicated to the adoption of children.

18) The Woman I Love (Nik Kershaw)
Produced by Mike Moran & Tony Taverner.
A Nik Kershaw song which was released as single in 1993.

19) How Do I Survive (Paul Bliss)
EMI Songs Ltd
The group's latest recording, from 2003, and the first with new vocalist Carl Wayne.

Digital Remaster p1995 tracks 1, 6 & 7 p2003 tracks 2-5 & 8-19 the Copyright in this sound recording is owned by Hollies Ltd under exclusive license to EMI Records Ltd.