Radio Fun

Type Albums
Release Date 07-05-2012
Chart Position 0
Label EMI
Catalogue No CD: 440 7702
Compact Disc 
Catalogue Number
440 7702


Compliation CD containing 32 previously unreleased tracks from numerous BBC live recording sessions.  With sleeve notes written by drummer, Bobby Elliott.


  1. Here I Go Again [Saturday Club 28th September 1964]
  2. Jennifer Eccles [David Symonds 25th March 1968]
  3. Bus Stop [Saturday Club 28th June 1966]
  4. I've Got a Way of My Own [Saturday Club 13th December 1965]
  5. Wings [David Symonds 25th March 1968]
  6. Step Inside [David Symonds 25th March 1968]
  7. Wishyouawish [Saturday Club Late 1968]
  8. Shake (Saturday Club 28th June 1966]
  9. Put Yourself in My Place [Saturday Club 6th September 1965]
  10. Ride Your Pony [Saturday Club 6th September 1965]
  11. I Take What I Want [Saturday Club 23rd March 1966]
  12. Little Bitty Pretty One [Saturday Club 25th January 1966]
  13. Away Away Away [Top Gear 13th October 1967]
  14. Charlie and Fred [Top Gear 13th October 1967]
  15. I Can't Let Go [This Must Be the Place 14th January 1966]
  16. Hard Hard Year [Saturday Club 28th June 1966]
  17. If I Needed Someone [Saturday Club 13th December 1965]
  18. That's How Strong My Love Is [Saturday Club 23rd March 1966]
  19. To You My Love [This Must Be the Place 14th January 1966]
  20. So Lonely [This Must Be the Place 28th September 1965]
  21. Somethings Got a Hold On Me [Saturday Club 29th September 1964]
  22. Nobody [Delaneys Delight 26th January 1965]
  23. Set Me Free [Saturday Club 28th September 1964]
  24. She Said Yeah [Delaney's Delight 26th January 1965]
  25. You Must Believe Me [Top Gear 19th February 1965]
  26. Lawdy Miss Clawdy [Saturday Swings 28th July 1965]
  27. Too Many People [This Must Be the Place 28th September 1965]
  28. Look Through Any Window [Saturday Swings 28th July 1965]
  29. Too Young to Be Married [Top of the Pops 3rd March 1971]
  30. I'm Alive [Saturday Club 24th May 1965]
  31. The Games We Play [Top Gear 13th October 1967]
  32. He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother [Top of the Pops (TV) 2nd October 1969]