Live At The BBC

Type Albums
Release Date 26-10-2018
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Label BBC & Warner Music
Catalogue No CD: 0190295636357
Compact Disc 
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Compliation CD containing 20 tracks from numerous BBC live recording sessions.  See Radio Fun CD Released  07/05/2012


  1. Here I Go Again [Saturday Club 28th September 1964]
  2. Jennifer Eccles [David Symonds 25th March 1968]
  3. I've Got a Way of My Own [Saturday Club 13th December 1965]
  4. Wings [David Symonds 25th March 1968]
  5. Step Inside [David Symonds 25th March 1968]
  6. Shake (Saturday Club 28th June 1966]
  7. I Take What I Want [Saturday Club 23rd March 1966]
  8. Away Away Away [Top Gear 13th October 1967]
  9. Charlie and Fred [Top Gear 13th October 1967]
  10. Somethings Got a Hold On Me [Saturday Club 29th September 1964]
  11. Nobody [Delaneys Delight 26th January 1965]
  12. Set Me Free [Saturday Club 28th September 1964]
  13. She Said Yeah [Delaney's Delight 26th January 1965]
  14. You Must Believe Me [Top Gear 19th February 1965]
  15. Too Many People [This Must Be the Place 28th September 1965]
  16. Look Through Any Window [Saturday Swings 28th July 1965]
  17. Too Young to Be Married [Top of the Pops 3rd March 1971]
  18. I'm Alive [Saturday Club 24th May 1965]
  19. The Games We Play [Top Gear 13th October 1967]
  20. He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother [Top of the Pops (TV) 2nd October 1969]